The Luigi's At The Beach Story …

Yes, there is a man called Luigi whom this restaurant is named after.
He is an actual, authentic Italian and he did indeed open Luigi's Italian Restaurant
in 1985 in this very spot.  Using a blend of family secret recipes and his own good sense,
Luigi created a dazzling yet simple menu that has lasted and pleased generations.
So what's the secret of his restaurant's success?
When Luigi sold the restaurant along with its secret recipes, the new owners
recognized a great thing and didn't change the recipes.
When they then sold the restaurant to its current owners,
they too were wise to the greatness of Luigi's original founder and his recipes.
So over the years owners have changed, the look of the dining room has changed and
it's now called Luigi's At The Beach.
But the food is the same great stuff Luigi was serving years ago and
cooked by the same great guys in the kitchen, like Raul & Jacobo (don't be shy … say “Hola”).

We thank you for coming in and keeping this great establishment 'alive.'
It has a great history and tradition which we hope to continue for years to come.